Feb 10, 2016

Hand Wringing

I was drawing at the Museum of Natural History the other day. The men's room was packed with little kids. They were everywhere. Every stall, urinal and sink was occupied. Suddenly their teacher was yelling at them. "Please stop running the water, don't get it on your jackets, I don't want you freezing when we get outside." It was to no avail. Their coats were soaked. He finally gave up and then gave this speech. "Did any of you pee on your hands?" They all said no but I knew they were lying. In fact if I had to bet, I would say they all peed on their hands. The teacher then said, "OK let's go, no need to wash your hands." He had to choose between completely soaking wet jackets or pee hands. Pee hands prevailed. He made the right choice in my opinion. Suddenly I had the men's room all to myself.

Feb 8, 2016

Electric Cars

The affordable electric car will really change the landscape for our world. It can't get here soon enough.

Feb 4, 2016


The Rubin Museum in New York (which I am a member of) is becoming one of my favorites. It's small but always filled with groovy things. The entire 6th floor is full of masks from around Asia. The security guard who is in charge of the top 2 floors is now my buddy. He observed me drawing this. Now when I go there he gives me a big smile and handshake and wants to know if I am drawing or if I brought some sketchbooks for him to look at. I am now the proud owner of several museums in Manhattan, that seem to be my own personal fiefdoms. It's a nice feeling to be loved by the people just like our politicians are.

Feb 1, 2016

Here It Is

Here is the Batmobile drawn by me with permission to use pens and paint.

Jan 28, 2016

Adam West

Recently I was at dinner with my friend Tony Gilroy. He asked me if I'd seen the Batmobile. I didn't know what he was talking about. Tony couldn't believe I didn't know it was on display at The New York Historical Society. The very next day, I ran to the place. As I entered the lobby, there it was. Holy smokes, Batman. I asked if it was OK for me to draw it. They said, "only with pencil." Oh no, here we go again. So I sat and drew this with colored pencils. I knew I could do a much better version if I was allowed to use my pens and watercolors. So I went to the front desk and asked to see someone in charge. They called for head of security. When he arrived, I showed him my sketchbook and asked for permission to use ink and paint. He leafed through it and I thought his head would explode. "You can do whatever the hell you want in this museum," is what he told me. Then I set about working with my pens and paints. Pretty soon a couple of security guards came over to watch me. They thumbed through a few of my sketchbooks and they were hooked. Pretty soon a few more guards came from other floors. Someone must have tipped them off. By the end, I had the people at the front desk, the coat check girl and officials looking at my Batmobile drawing. I will post that one I did in pen and watercolor next week.

Jan 25, 2016

Old School

My childhood friend, Jimmy Douglass (who is a comic genius by the way) recently went on a Facebook rant about our old neighborhood growing up. I hadn't thought about this stuff in 4 decades. He remembered every candy store, shop, deli, shoe maker and the lunatics who owned and operated them. Imagine your mom making you go get a haircut as a kid but the problem is, the guy cutting your hair is named "Screwy Louie." No wonder I have no hair left. It made me reminisce. I passed an art store recently and saw they had a Spirograph set in the window, so I bought it. This is my first goofy try at using it. I plan to do some experimenting. We'll see what I come up. It's all thanks to Jimmy.

Jan 20, 2016


If there is a square foot of empty space anywhere in New York city, we will build on it.

Jan 18, 2016

The New James Jean

There is a million people who do this drawing in sketchbooks thing. One person is head and heels above the rest. His name is James Jean. He is the very best and no one else comes close. In fact, I could make a case that he is the greatest artist in America right now. This innocuous drawing is one I recently did on a plane trip to Florida. It may not seem like one of my most fantastic drawings. When I finished it though, I came to a realization. I have become James Jean. The problem is, I have not become the genius James Jean of today. When I looked at this sketch, I saw the James Jean sketchbooks of 14 years ago. Although I will never be good enough to tie his shoes, my admiration for his work has lifted what I do to great heights. All of you may see a nice drawing of a little old lady on a plane during sunrise, I SEE how far I've come.

Jan 14, 2016

Meeting Ann

I've drawn so much at the Museum of Natural History that I need to sketch stuff that really amuses me. I've always wanted to do this Moose's ass. An artist whose work I like, was in town. Her name is Ann Sinarski. We decided the meet up and sketch together. I brought her to this diorama which shows 2 large moose locking horns while fighting each other. Ann put her stool down and started to paint the scene from the side angle like a normal person would. I was drawing a few feet away and don't think she realized what I was up to. Later, I showed her my sketch and she laughed. Ann finally understood that I was drawing the BUTT, the entire time. Well, she got to see me in action anyway even if I'm a little off center.