Oct 12, 2015


Summer is over so I am posting my flower drawings from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. My artsy hippy side keeps making me go there to hang out.

Oct 8, 2015

Eileen's Garden

I spend a lot of time with my cousin Eileen. We have loved each other since we were teenagers. She is someone I greatly enjoy being around. Recently we were hanging in her amazing yard and swimming in the pool. I noticed she had some lilies growing. They were almost as tall as me. To be honest, they were more like trees. She must have miracle growthed them or she just possesses the greenest of thumbs. Then I noticed there were flowers everywhere. I began to draw each one and as I was almost finishing, the skies opened up and poured on us. This was several weeks ago before the cold weather has descended upon us.

Oct 7, 2015

Casper The Friendly Pug

My beautiful young cousin, Isabella in Ireland, has a pug named Casper. The dog is insane as you can imagine. I took a bunch of photos of him to draw. He does not know it yet but he is an idea for one of my new ceramic pieces. Wait until you see.

Oct 5, 2015

The Pope World Tour

The Pope's US Tour was very groovy. I was a bit surprised he chose Deep Purple to be his opening act. He must be a big fan of the song, "Highway Star," because he's always cruising around in that little Fiat and popemobile. I didn't get to see him when he was here but he did text me asking if I could send him some more of my squirrel stickers.

Oct 2, 2015

Getting Good

I am now back in ceramics after taking off for the summer. This may look like just another drawing I did in my sketchbook but it is really an idea for new ceramics I am making. It's quite a new level to my sketchbook work.

Sep 30, 2015

You Got The Look

One day I was in France, the next in Ireland. It is easy to see the differences in the way people look and dress. The clothes, hairstyles and especially the shoes. That is the cool thing about traveling, noticing the vive la difference. So I love to sit and draw freaks. These 2 were not sitting together. I drew one lady and then found another freak at a different table. People are always on the move, so that it a little trick of mine. This was in a square in Nice. I love hanging out there. We were in front of a huge old church. The statue of the bearded dude was up high on the wall but I thought it would be better if I pulled him down and put him right behind the ladies. while I was drawing, I asked the waitress for a beer. She wanted to know if I wanted small, medium or large. When my medium arrived, it was the size of a small keg. What the hell could the large look like? Anyway, thank god I only look a little less freaky than these two.

Sep 28, 2015

Get Your Motor Runnin

In France, Yun and I stayed with our friend George. Not only did I do a few groovy drawings but I got to ride his electric scooter around. Talk about feeling 10 years old. We all know I am mentally 10 years old but this is actually being 10 years old. Check out my little one minute video of me riding the sucker. Click here to view.

Sep 25, 2015

Mary's Garden

One of my Irish cousin's is named Mary. She has a lovely little house with an amazing garden. I spent a lot of time in it. There are 6 cats, 2 dogs and of course, 6 chickens. For her 80th birthday she got a new chicken coop. It's much more practical than a Gucci handbag. Now the local fox can't kill her chickens. In Dublin, I called my cousin, Jack on his cell phone. He was at work, so I asked where we could all meet up when he was finished for the day. He told me to meet him right off South End street. It was close to where we were staying. Find Joe's bar and he will come there. Yun and I strolled up and down but couldn't locate the street. I went into a grocery store and asked for help. I said, "do you know where South End street is?" He answered, "St. Anne's street?" "No, South end street?" He looked puzzled and asked someone else. "You know where South End street is?" They replied, "St. Anne's street?" You get the idea. This went on for a bit until it hit me. Because my cousin has such a thick Irish accent, I misunderstood him. He always sounds like he has a mouthful of marbles. I came out and told Yun, we were actually looking for St. Anne's street. She greeted me with that, you are a moron look. I've seen it many times before so I'm used to it. Of course we find no Joe's Bar on St. Anne's street. Finally Yun stops and points to a sign that says Keough's Bar. Again I get the, you are a moron stare. From that point on, I was removed of all duties of arranging things.

Sep 23, 2015

Trinity College Hotel

Yun discovered that we could stay at Trinity College in Dublin instead of a hotel. The students were not there yet so we could stay in the dorms for a lot less than hotel living. The college is centrally located. As I walked around, I think the students mistook me for the new Dean. I sort of do look brilliant so you can't really blame them. We took a tour of the campus given by one of the students. He kept telling me he loved my hat and camera strap and shirt and on and on. Brown nosing the Dean won't help. Well maybe a little and I do have the coolest camera strap. In Cork, we stayed at my cousin Miriam and Alan's house. Plus I got to be around their amazing 12 year daughter, Isabella. I have a lot in common with 12 year olds, so that worked out great. We went to a farmers market one day and I did this painting. His name was Les Clague. The musician even did a rendition of the theme song from, "The Third Man. Ireland is so small that when some of my cousins saw that I did a sketch of Les, said that they were actually good friends of his. "Believe it or not, Ireland has become a place of great food. I constantly ate at the farmer's market. Then I got to wash everything down with a Guinness or three.